OCHO RIOS - Jamaican & Caribbean Grill
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular items are shown below. Please contact us for more information on catering for any occasion.
Cocktail Beef  (25 pk)
Spicy Beef  (10 pk)
Curry Chicken  (10 pk)
Vegetable (10 pk)
Catering Menu Items
Jerk chicken (½ tray feeds 15-18)
Jerk chicken (full tray feeds 20-25)
garnished with colored bell peppers & onions
mixed tray (white & dark meat) add $15
Curry chicken (½ tray feeds 20-25)
                                     Meatball kabobs (10 sticks)
meatballs w/lge grape tomato & zucchini squash
Jerk Pork (½ tray feeds 15-18)
                                       Garlic Chicken/Shrimp Stuffed Peppers
Eschovich Tilapia Fillet (10 lbs)
sauté onions, carrots, chayote & pimento
Curry Goat (10lb min)
Oxtail (5lb min)
                                        Plain Rice (½ tray feeds 20)
                                        Yellow Rice (½ tray feeds 20)
                                        Rice & Peas (½ tray feeds 20)
                                        Fried Ripe Plantain (15 pcs)
                  Steam Cabbage & Carrot (½ tray feeds 15)
                                      Calypso Salad (feeds 10-12 as a side)
Salad mix with slices of mango, pineapple, mandarin
orange choice of dressing served on the side
                                      House Salad (feeds 10-12 as a side)
Salad mix topped with cheese, tomatoes, and cucmber
Weekend location - More details coming soon
*Jerk Chicken & roll
* Festival
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